Xbox 360 still selling wellWho says an almost six-year-old console can’t continue to sell well? The National Purchase Diary (NPD) Group recently provided the sales figures of video game consoles in the US for September this year and the Xbox 360 is on top of the charts. Apparently the Microsoft gaming console managed to sell 438,000 units during the month of September and held six of the top ten best-selling games of the month.

While Sony didn’t reveal its sales figures for the PlayStation 3 (it did mention a double-digit growth though with hardware sales increasing by 20% and software by 52%), Nintendo reported that the Wii sold 240,000 units in September, and the DS family (DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS) sold 145,000 combined units.

It looks like Microsoft is on track to have the best-selling console of 2011 in the US – if sales of the Xbox 360 continues at this rate. With the Wii-U and PlayStation Vita on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft is going to keep up with the competition.

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