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Want to know what the logo for the next-generation Xbox will look like? The trailer for the movie Real Steel has dropped clues to what it might look like – assuming Microsoft decides to name the next Xbox the Xbox 720. The folks over at Game Informer were tipped off about the presence of an Xbox 720 logo in the trailer during a shot of the bleachers in one of the stadiums where the robot battle takes place.

Well there’s no telling whether Microsoft is serious about using the name or that logo when its next console does come out – after all it’s a fictional movie that’s set in the future, so the advertisers/set designers might have used it as a joke. But just in case it turns out to be true – I guess you could tell all your friends you knew it was coming, and point them back to this video clip in the future. Check it out for yourself, the logo appears around the 0:46 mark:

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