YouTube starts offering movie rentals in the UKHeads up UK YouTube visitors, it looks like YouTube has finally started offering residents in the UK the same service it has offered to those in the US and Canada – movie rental. Released back in May for those in the US, and only just last month in Canada, those living in the UK will have access to about 1,000 movie titles.

It will cost viewers £3.49 to rent a new release, while library titles will only go for £2.49. There are also older titles which will be free to watch, but unfortunately these freebies will be peppered with ads which apparently you can’t skip.

Users will be given a 30 day time frame from which they can start their movie any time. Upon starting the movie, users will have 48 hours to complete it. The bad news is that it appears that not all the movies come in HD format, with most being of DVD quality at 480p. However viewers will have access to extra footage, such as behind the scenes, interviews and etc, although these are already pretty much all over YouTube for free to begin with.

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