2013 Cadillac XTS concentrates on safety, tooRemember our story about the 2013 Cadillac XTS carrying Bose audio in its interior so that your ears enjoy premium quality audio? Well, it seems that entertainment is not the only thing on Cadillac’s agenda, but safety also plays a high priority. Their latest Control and Alert system will feature short- and long-range sensors installed in front, back, and side of the vehicle. Some of these will act on your behalf, including automatic braking, although a vibrating seat means there are hazards ahead for you to be aware of, so make sure you don’t mistake that as a massaging chair!

Virtual Bumpers, also known as automated front and rear short-distance braking, will also warn you and apply the brakes automatically if you happen to have slower than usual reflexes before your bumper makes friends with a kerb or a cyclist. There is a bunch of other safety features in this latest Cadillac model, so you might want to check it out at your nearest showroom to let technology aid your premium driving experience.

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