3D displays that require you not to wear a pair of glasses? Those have been around for some time already, but the image quality that you get isn’t exactly top notch compared to those systems that require you to shed a little bit of your pride so that you can put on a pair of glasses and let superior graphics (and perhaps storytelling) blow you away. Since I am a firm believer in the adage that each problem has a solution, Professor Kakeya from Tsukuba University in Japan is one who shares my sentiments, and has been making attempts to solve this problem at its root.

How does his 3D display work? Well, the answer is simpler than you think – it will rely on multiple layers as well as lenses in order to boost the sense of depth perception. According to Professor Kakeya, “It forms images of objects at the front toward the front, and objects at the back toward the back. When objects at the front are in focus, those at the back are blurred, and when you’re looking at objects at the back, those in front are blurred. So a feature of this display is that it reproduces focal depth.”

At this moment, the current prototype’s resolution is a mere 200 × 200 pixels, but there is an upside to it – you can view pictures in 3D even when you move your head vertically.

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