Adobe kills off Flash for TV as well“Mass genocide!” screams Flash, as Adobe wields their sword once again to lop off Flash for TV – a day after we received news that Adobe is throwing in the towel for the Flash standard on mobile platforms. Heck, RIM is still going to support the Flash format for their failed PlayBook, so that aside, Flash really does not seem to have any more future – not in the realm of mobile devices anyway.

According to Adobe, “However we believe the right approach to deliver content on televisions is through applications, not a Web browsing experience, and we will continue to encourage the device and content publishing community down that path.” What do you think? Which approach do you think should be applied when it comes to delivering content on TV? Is it through the application route, and not the Web browsing experience, or do you think that both of them hold equal weight?

How about Google TV, considering this includes Flash Player 10.1 that has been integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser so that you are able to receive the full Web experience on your HDTV? I guess folks subscribing to Vivid for Google TV do not really care…and those must be the only ones using Google TV anyways.

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