Amazon may have purchased Yap, could be interested in speech recognition technology tooSiri is one of Apple’s latest and probably the most hyped up feature on the iPhone 4S. So much so that developers have attempted to port it over onto older iPhones, but if a recent SEC filing is to be believed, it seems that Amazon may want in on a Siri-like feature of their own too.

A company by the name of Yap was recently acquired by a company called Dion Acquisition Sub, which coincidentally is housed in a building at 410 Terry Avenue in Seattle, Washington, a building owned by none other than Many are speculating that Dion Acquisition Sub is actually a shell company owned by Amazon, who may have tried to downplay this acquisition by purchasing Yap through a relatively unknown company.

For those wondering, Yap is a voice-to-text startup company, who has also focused on natural language speech along with an emphasis on mobile technology. This seems to suggest that Amazon may be interested in a Siri-like feature for their future devices. Amazon has yet to confirm this deal, which means that it’s pretty much all up in the air as to if and when we will be seeing Yap’s technology make its way into future Amazon products.

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