Apple working on AMD powered MacBook Air?You might want to go to your doctor after reading this post simply because of the sheer amount of salt that you’ll need to go with it, where whispers have it that Apple actually has plans to roll out a MacBook Air that will be powered by a processor from Advanced Micro Devices. Yes folks, as unbelievable as it might sound, don’t write it off yet – remember how so many years ago, we thought that there would never be an Intel processor inside a Mac machine? How times have changed since then, so to entertain the idea of seeing AMD under the hood is definitely worth mulling over.

What do you think – will there actually come the day when Apple machines will feature AMD’s logo when you open up the chassis, or is this just a pipe dream or rumor stirred up by others in order to generate attention and interest? I am not quite sure whether the masses would be happy with a MacBook Air that runs on AMD though, considering Intel’s already huge fan base.

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