AP reporters ticked off for tweetingSocial media and networking has certainly exploded in a big way over the past few years, with Twitter being one of the main channels used to deliver breaking news. Well, just like how Twitter proved to be a huge influence in the life of Ashton Kutcher, I guess his break up with his wife also generated a whole lot of interest over the micro blogging site. How about Twitter in the role of journalism? Associated Press did reprimand a handful of their journalists for breaking news on Twitter – prior to posting such news on the wires.

Seems to be a rather draconian rule, where traditional media resists the disruptive nature of social networks through such measures. I guess there is a method to this madness too – I mean, if you were going to propose to your girlfriend, surely you won’t tweet to her dad for permission before presenting yourself and your ode to love his daughter for the rest of your life in the flesh, no? Do you think Twitter has a place in journalism when it comes to breaking news?

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