Apple patent suggests clip on iPod nano with integrated speakerA new Apple patent has revealed that the Cupertino company may have plans in the distant future for putting out a clip-on iPod. The device will share a similar form factor as the iPod nano or the iPod shuffle, but the kicker here is that the device will feature a speaker that has been built directly into the rear clip.

We’re not sure what Apple may have planned for this rear clip speaker since it is highly unlikely that Apple plans for it to be used as a replacement to headphones. AppleInsider who discovered the patent is thinking that perhaps the speaker could be used to provide simple sounds, such as clicks to create a more intuitive user experience, although we’re not sure if such a simple feature would warrant a clip on speaker.

Perhaps it could really be that simple, but I guess we will never know since patents have that bad habit of sometimes not being made into reality, but given this is by Apple, we have to admit that we are curious as to how they would spin this feature should it actually be put into production.

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