Artificial muscles beats nature at its own gameNature has always proved to be an inspiration to the world of science – after all, it was surely watching birds fly that man decided that he too, wants to conquer the sky one of these days, and the Wright Brothers continued where Icarus’ failed outing left off, with success, of course. Well, since then, there has been plenty of other inspirational moments by nature that has pushed the envelope for us humans in terms of technology, and one of the latest projects would be artificial muscles. Yes sir, it seems that observing the inner workings of an octopus’s leg or an elephant’s trunk has allowed scientists to develop muscles using carbon nanotubes which could very well power machines one of these days.

According to Ray Baughman, “Nature has been developing her technologies for many hundreds of millions of years. By looking at the way in which nature has solved problems like muscles, we can advance our own technologies.” Just who is Baughman? He is Director of the NanoTech Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas, and it seems that his attempts is stronger than steel pound for pound, despite being so light it nearly floats in air.

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