BRD Motorcycles of San Francisco has started to receive deposits for their 2013 RedShift range of off-road electric motorcycles, and according to BRD, these puppies will perform better – or at the very least, be on par with a high-end 250cc four-stroke race motorcycle. Surely that is a target that does require a fair bit of miraculous engineering to work? Even more impressive is the fact that this puppy will retail for $15,500, while the MX motocrosser with a police kit will require you to fork out another $2,500 with a stronger subframe that is able to hold the included hard luggage, plus an uprated electrical system.

I find it interesting that even as electric vehicles are more or less silent because they do not have any petrol engine to run, so to speak, a police can sneak up on a thug who is running away and actually nab the offender, although jumping off from the bike to tackle the felon might be a wee bit too much for the average imagination to take place. Who says only the army gets the cool stuff?

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