Cadence offers Binary Day specialsCadence knows that there won’t be that many more Binary Days left in this year’s calendar, so they want to make the most of today’s Binary Day by announcing their Fall lineup of 4-bit watches. Of course, 4-bit sounds a whole lot more respectful than 2-bit, since most detractors would probably laugh at your timepiece by calling it a 2-bit watch that has double meaning, depending on whether you’re a half-full or half-empty person. I digress – Binary Day will see a 25% discount being applied to all Cadence 4-bit watches, which is more than a welcome move especially in today’s economically challenging times.

As for the Fall lineup, the three new watches introduced would be the 4-Bit Retrograde, 4-Bit UTC Chrono and 4-Bit Chrono, where all of them will come in a subtle, classy and geek chic manner. Forget about your regular roman numerals to tell the time – they have been replaced with 4-bit binary that comprises of a system of 1’s and 0’s, similar to what all computers “read” to function.

Pricing-wise, these puppies won’t come cheap at all to keep up with the quality and brand name reputation of Cadence – the 4-Bit Retrograde and 4-Bit Chrono without UTC will retail for $185 a pop, while the 4-Bit Chrono slightly more expensive at $195. [Press Release]

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