Comscore Data Shows An Ocean of Dumb PhonesAsymco has analyzed the data from Comscore and generated very interesting graphs. The first thing that we can see is that the smartphone market still has a long way to go. The “non-smart” (light blue) part of the graph is huge! The second obvious thing is the rapid growth of both Android and iOS. Android in particular is impressive as it is growing very, very fast.  Why?

No matter how good Apple products are, Android’s growth can be simply explained: it’s good and it has most of the industry behind it. Every carrier that can’t get their hands on the iPhone are promoting Android to death, and even those who do still promote Android to death because it’s probably better for their gross margins as Google doesn’t take a cut of their profits. Handset makers also have no choice to throw all their weight behind Android and Nokia is pretty much the only major manufacturer who does not support Android.

What’s next? In a couple of years 50% of all phones will be smartphones, and eventually, this will grow even more. When will it stop? I’m not sure – hopefully ay 100% Comscore Data Shows An Ocean of Dumb Phones

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