Displair gesture interface needs no peripheralsThe Microsoft Kinect is one interesting project that folks have already hacked to the bone over the year, making it useful for more than just gaming purposes. Well, there is still the need for a Kinect sensor if all your gestures were to be recorded, but here is some Russian magic which is known as Displair, and the technology involved will allow you to use gestures to move projected images that are floating around on thin air. Don’t you think such an advancement deserves a certain level of applause?

Currently in the prototype stage, it will definitely need vast improvements in order to have it be as seamless as what you saw in Minority Report during the photo flipping scene. One thing that we have as an advantage though, is the fact that Displair is very, very real, and it is no illusion. Now it is only a matter of time before the stream of cold fog that is used to project images alongside an infrared camera being used to capture gestures are improved upon. I am quite sure that the marketing departments of many companies would have a field day utilizing Displair technology to showcase their wares.

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