We brought you word of Firefox 8 being made available for download last week, and as you know, all roads lead to Rome – or so the saying goes, so we’ve stumbled upon another different route for you to get your fix of the latest Firefox 8 browser. Some people might not see the point of having a different way of downloading a particular software, but I guess millions more beg to differ – otherwise you won’t have sites like Cnet or even companies offering various ways to download a particular software of theirs.

The latest Firefox 8 is now available over at Mozilla’s FTP servers, and one of the more major changes would be Firefox being more careful with add-ons – they come disabled by default, while upgraders will be greeted by a one-time dialog box that will assist you in your management of previously installed add-ons. Heck, throw in Twitter support in the search bar and you’re good to go. A full release with other mirrors should be arriving sometime tomorrow though.

Update: Mozilla sent us an email, saying that the version of Firefox 8 on their FTP server is not the final build, so we have taken down the link. Be patient, boys and girls!

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