Emotional state recognition system help automated telephone services work betterSome folks over at Spain’s Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad de Granada have come up with a new computer system that is capable of recognizing the emotional state of a person talking on a telephone. Now if you’re wondering why anybody would want to do that, the system is touted to make such conversations with automated devices shorter and less stressful.

The system analyzes the voice of the person speaking into the other line, and according to their emotional state it responds accordingly. For example, if a called is getting annoyed by the automated system, the machine won’t ask him/her to repeat a command or word (which will probably irk the caller even more) – instead, it will proceed to the next command based on previous conversations it has had before.

Since such conversations usually don’t have a whole lot of choices to begin with it sounds like a pretty good idea; but if the computer sends the user to a menu/acts out a command that the user didn’t want it would probably end up with an even more annoyed caller. Good thing automated systems don’t have the capacity to feel hurt by any foul language. Perhaps in the future it can be implemented in phones for clueless people who can’t tell if their partners are mad at them.

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