Energy Sistem tablets run on Android 2.3 with Honeycomb flavor

It is quite a hoot to see Energy Sistem (don’t ask me why they did not bother to stick to the original spelling of ‘system’) being powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, albeit with a Honeycomb-centric skin which hopefully, will not be permanent should they decide to actually release an actual Honeycomb update sometime down the road.

Energy Sistem’s offerings of three tablets will come in various screen sizes – 7″ at 16:9 aspect ratio of 8″ at 4:3 aspect ratio, where the higher end model will have a better resolution count of 1,024 x 768 pixels. Both of them are powered by an ARM A8 processor with a choice of either 4GB or 8GB of internal memory. That doesn’t sound like much, so thankfully there is a microSD memory card for you to expand on that further. Depending on the model you decide to pick up, they will retail for anywhere from $185 to $270, with shipping all set to commence from November 19th onwards. [Product Page]

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