Express Lanes being set up at Apple retail storesWord has it that Apple retail stores will be holding an “overnight” – which has already happened obviously since it is the morning now, where new Express Lanes were set up. Now, Express Lanes are not new at all as they were used in the past to offer holiday shoppers a fast track way to bring home the latest Apple products and accessories. This particular zone will normally see a bunch of Apple Specialists stationed at all times, not to mention the entire gamut of iPad and iPod models in addition to popular laptop versions.

To hear that Apple will be introducing Express Lanes again this year can only mean one thing – they are truly expecting a bumper crowd come this holiday season, so you might want to consider picking up Apple stock as the next quarter of earnings will most probably beat Wall Street estimates. Bear in mind that this is just pure speculation on my part, so do not take what I say on Apple’s stock prices being the gospel truth.

It is also interesting to note that the new Apple store in Hong Kong is so busy that it has more or less a permanent express counter. Also take note that the presence of an Express Lane does not necessarily translate to the arrival of new Apple products.

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