At long last, the Firefox 8 browser is no longer in beta mode – but rather, it is a full fledged, grown up piece of software that intends to bring your web browsing experience to totally new heights. An update to Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Firefox for Android platforms will include the rudimentary fair share of features, where among the goodies that come with this update would be providing not only users but developers as well with more control over how one customizes their Web experience.

Looking for something on a Twitter feed which you cannot remember? Instead of wasting your time scrolling through each tweet one by one, you will be pleased to know that with Firefox 8, Twitter is included as a search option in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux. This makes it a whole lot easier to discover new topics, #hashtags and @usernames, and right now, English, Portuguese, Slovenian and Japanese versions of Firefox will offer this feature but rest assured, additional language support is in the works as well.

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