Fisker Karma passes 50 mile mark on electricity aloneThe Karma luxury sedan from Fisker is quite the interesting creature – it is capable of actually travelling a good 50 miles (and beyond, albeit slightly) on just electricity alone, making this hybrid sedan even more desirable. European regulatory body TUV has already tested the Karma independently, where the hybrid vehicle managed to accumulate 83 kilometers (51.6 miles) on its odometer on electric-only mode. Now for a little bit of comparison – the Toyota Prius PHEV is able to travel a good 23 km (14.3 miles) on electric mode, while the Chevrolet Volt churns out 35 miles on juice only.

To achieve a 50-plus mile range rating should put a smile on Fisker’s executives’ faces, and it would be interesting to see what kind of innovation the future of electric vehicles will end up like. When do you think the next milestone will happen – that is, to hit the 100 mile mark on a battery alone? How many years of research and further refinement of battery technology do you think that will take?

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