Google adds more words to its list of piracy related termsEarlier this year it was reported that Google was censoring various piracy-related keywords from its autocomplete and instant services, with quite a number of file sharing websites being affected by the move. Well now, it looks like the search engine has added even more websites to its list of “piracy related terms”. According to reports online, Google has now added uTorrent, Bitorrent, combinations of the word torrent, and more.

While users can still search for the terms, they need to enter the whole word as opposed to just entering the first few letters and letting autocomplete/instant search finish the job. But that’s not the worse part – because of how broad the “piracy related terms” are, some legal sites that use the keywords have been affected by it, while other similar sites that provide the same services but don’t use those keywords in their names have been let off the hook. Because of this unfairness, sites like RapidShare and BitTorrent have spoken up against the censorship.

I guess Google has to censor every single site or not censor at all to keep everybody happy. What do you think of Google’s recent moves to combat piracy? Are you for or against them?

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