No man is an island – that much is true. How else do you explain the explosive growth chart of social networks? Google’s effort in the social networking scene is simply known as Google+, where it had so far been focused on connecting people with other people – and it seems that the next step in maturity is about to begin, where you will now be able to build relationships with just about the rest of the world, ranging from local businesses to global brands, and this is made possible thanks to Google+ Pages.

This will be a worldwide release, and for example, you can now digitally hang out with your favorite hobby group, or even chat with your mates on the latest fashion faux pas, or even tag along with your dream band on tour. By adding everyday people and brands to your circles on Google+, Google hopes that you will be able to achieve lasting bonds with the pages (as well as people) that matter.

As for businesses and brands, Google+ pages will enable you to connect with the customers and fans who feel a connection with you. There is already a rather sizeable number of pages available, but basically, if you are part of the leadership of an organization, you can join the community here. To know more about Pages and Direct Connect, check out the videos below.

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