Hints point towards a possible Resident Evil 6Are you a fan of the Resident Evil franchise? If you are then you might be pleased to know that the long rumored Resident Evil 6 could be one step closer to completion. This comes from a series of hints and leaked information and the most important fact that Capcom has never outright denied the possibility of a Resident Evil 6 game.

Back in 2010 Capcom admitted that they were interested in getting the game going, and later in April came forward to state that Resident Evil 6 would be very different, claiming to go beyond being just a survival horror or shooter game. Furthermore, CG artist Shannon Justison added the game to her LinkedIn profile in August, and more recently voice actor Joe Cappelletti too added Resident Evil 6 to his CV, but swiftly removed it later.

So unless we’re way off our mark here, it’s safe to say that the game is definitely in the works but as to when we will be seeing a teaser trailer or official announcement is anyone’s guess.

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