HTC reconsidering S3 Graphics buyout after loss to AppleIt seems that the ITC has thrown out the case of HTC vs Apple, another one of the numerous patent wars that are being fought around the world at the moment. However it seems that this loss to Apple has HTC reconsidering their buyout of S3 Graphics and seems to suggest that the buyout of S3 was based solely on its interim patent win against Apple.

While its patent war against Apple might not have been as high profile as Samsung’s legal battles against the Cupertino company, HTC has been in the spotlight for borrowing patents held by both Google and Motorola in an effort to bolster their defense. HTC was willing at that time to spend $300 million to buyout S3 Graphics, which in turn was partly owned by HTC’s Chairwoman Cher Wang.

Moving on from the ITC’s ruling, HTC has stated that they would be challenging it in a US appeals court that specializes in patent law, but analyst Shawn Wu is skeptical. He claims that while S3 has pretty innovative patents, its relevancy to this case and the amount of patents owned by Apple will make this a tough battle.

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