Insects could help Pentagon in surveillanceWe have always looked to nature as a source of inspiration when it comes to developing the latest technology to help our fellow mankind – well, US scientists over at the Pentagon are now working on a new way to harness the power of insects – and one of the obstacles that they have to overcome would be to provide power to sensors embedded on the insect itself. We’re talking about cyborg search-and-rescue insects, where a couple of two spiral energy harvesters are located on either side of a beetle’s thorax.

An army of cyborg insects might not sound too far off in the future, where currently, an energy scavenging device that is attached close to the insects’ wings in order to take advantage of the energy generated by the insects’ wing muscles as it flaps around. Of course, there was the idea of placing such a mechanism on the wings itself, but the wing membranes proved to be too weak to stand up to such rigors, so the idea was rightfully shelved after that. Will such miniature insects prove to be a triumph in surveillance sometime down the road?

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