iPhone 4S unlock in the works?We all know what a closed ecosystem that Apple devices tend to have, which has its fair share of pros and cons, of course. Well, while it makes it harder to have viruses and other kinds of malware in the iOS ecosystem, that also means it is far more controlled, and as a developer, you only have a certain degree of leeway in your programs and apps. In order to gain access to the innards of the operating system, one is required to “jailbreak” the phone, which would also mean voiding the warranty on your device. Having said that, it has not stopped folks from doing so in the past, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it is something that will continue in the future. Well, unlocking the iPhone 4S is another matter, but thanks to iPhone Dev-Team star MuscleNerd who tweeted that a “promising 4S unlock” had been discovered, it might just make you sit up and be more interested.

Currently, the unlock functions only with the iPhone 4S and not its predecessor, which most probably means it will require a hardware-level exploit that in all probability, was overlooked during the construction and programming of the iPhone 4S. It would be interesting to see how Apple is going to patch this up in due time.

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