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When the Kindle Fire was first announced, it was no surprise that this Amazon-content devouring device would be a hit. Especially for consumers who already get their digital content from Amazon – why not do it on a device that was specifically designed to do so? Well, just as expected, Amazon has made an announcement today, praising the Kindle Fire for being the best selling product across all of last week on Black Friday.

The tablet has been on the top of the charts since its introduction on September 28th and it doesn’t look like it is going down anytime soon – not when people still have Christmas shopping to do. According to their reports, people bought a lot of Kindle devices on Black Friday including the regular Kindle, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Touch 3G. People were purchasing multiple Kindles – for themselves and as gifts for others.

Could the Amazon Kindle reach the same amount of success as the iPad did in the US? It’s not the likeliest of situations, but for Amazon’s first foray into the tablet market with its own creation: it’s an admirable effort. How many of you picked up a Kindle Fire over the weekend or are getting one today? Be sure to check out our Amazon Kindle Fire review.

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