So you just splurged on a new smartphone, but now that you’ve seen the Amazon Kindle Fire you can’t help but wish you saved for that instead. Well not to worry because it seems that a way has been discovered by XDA forum members that would allow you to transplant the Kindle Fire onto the original Samsung Galaxy Tab.


As it turns out the Amazon Android UI is just a skinned version of the regular Android, with the bookshelf motif revealed to be the launcher application, so basically you could tweak this even further with third party apps if you know what you’re doing. This transplant isn’t all positive though as there have been reports of the UI crashing every so often and that not all of the Kindle Fire’s functions and features have been successfully brought over, not to mention Amazon’s Silk browser is still a missing feature in this port.

However if you’re curious about this transplant and you’re looking to breathe some new life into your Galaxy Tab tablet, head on down to the XDA forums for more information and downloads.

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