A survey by Lab42 which comprised of 500 social network users who are 18 and older claimed that one third of them broke up via a digital format – through Facebook, text or an e-mail. Whatever happened to having the cojones and meeting up face to face? I guess this would mean the 33% who did that also escaped a potential slap by the other frustrated (or shocked) half, especially when the reason for break up is because there is someone else new in his life.

In the same survey, nearly half (around 45%) of loving couples do communicate primarily via Facebook message, which is an interesting trend. Another thing is this – once you’re available on the market after a break-up, 52% of the respondents change their Facebook status immediately – while only 38% of those who have just eased into a new relationship do so. Guess being marketable is more important to announce to the world than not, no? The digital revolution has clearly changed the way we communicate with one another, and sometimes I feel that we hardly listen to one another anymore. How about you? Head on here for other interesting findings.

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