The next time you flip the switch for your lights on, take a moment and think about those who are less fortunate and do not have the luxury of electricity at the place where they live. Just in case you did not know, a huge chunk of the developing world still lacks the basic necessities, things which we take for granted. Well, perhaps with the advancement of solar power and a higher degree of efficiency, things might start looking up – case in point, the LuminAID concept.

This is an inflatable plastic pillow that will feature a solar panel which faces outward (obviously, otherwise how else is it going to capture and harness the power of the sun?), while the bright LEDs that give off light will face inward. There will be two coin-cell batteries located within a sealed and waterproof covering, where half a dozen hours of sunlight each day is said to result in around 5 hours of bright light which is diffused in a cheap and reliable package. Not only can it be used for everyday purposes, it is also suitable for action during emergencies. The LuminAID costs a mere $25 – that’s pretty affordable, don’t you think so?

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