For those who have taken the path of love, surely you know it is fraught with dangers, although there is great reward as well. Eric Smith did not have much luck in this department though, having been dumped by one whom he thought he would have spent the rest of his life with, he decided to move on – and in style, too. Just what did Eric do? Well, he was unable to sell the once perfect engagement to anyone, so eBay helped him out, and he decided to fill up the gaping hole in his heart by purchasing a suit of Master Chief armor with the proceeds of the ring sale.

Comprising of 40 pounds of fiberglass and steel, dark green, where it was built by an artist outside Detroit, the helmet itself features a glimmering golden visor and bright LED lights, and takes two of his friends to put on the suit. Do you think this was a good exchange for a perfectly good ring which he could have reserved for the next girl who walks into his life? I guess once in a while, a guy’s got to let loose – from Master Grief to Master Chief!

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