Have you read the book, “Who moved my cheese?” Well, classic cartoons and storylines always have proved to show how mice love cheese to bits, and many of them have met the demise along the way, although some of the smarter ones tend to get away with the cheese at the same time – such as Jerry. Well, this rather incredible micromouse could very well change the way we see these little critters, but partly because this is a robotic rodent that is smart enough to negotiate a complex maze in a mere 3.921 seconds. It is said that surpassing the four second barrier is the robotic mouse equivalent of Roger Bannister managing to go under the four minute mile barrier all the way back in 1954.

This micromouse was part of a competitor at the 2011 All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition in Tsukuba. It is said to be so fast, that it managed to shave off a whole second from its previous record holder. Known as Min7.1, this micromouse was designed by Singaporean Ng Beng Kiat. Sporting a top speed of more than 12km per hour, where it tips the scales at 90 grams, and measures 10cm long.

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