You know, going to the office is not all that bad, especially if your employer happens to be one of the more fun ones – like many startups in Silicon Valley. For those who work in more formal office settings, holding a marathon of meetings is not necessarily a bad thing – especially when you have a fun way to access and share information with the rest of your colleagues. For instance, the Microsoft Research team decided that the new project known as ‘Code Space’ will help connect a bevy of devices using Kinect and hand gestures involved.

This system will use touch as well as air gesture hybrid interactions in order to support co-located, small group developer meetings through the democratization of access, control, and sharing of information across multiple personal devices and public displays. We are looking at a shared multi-touch display, mobile touch devices, as well as Microsoft Kinect sensors working in tandem to deliver a combination of in-air pointing for social disclosure of commands, targeting and mode setting, not to mention touch capability to command execution and precise gestures.

Imagine in-air interactions that require gestures so that you are able to take content from the display, and transfer them onto other gizmos such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones – isn’t that neat?

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