Microsoft lowers Windows Phone hardware requirementsIt seems that Microsoft has lowered the requirements for their manufacturers when it comes to Windows Phone devices. Previously manufacturers who were interested in making Windows Phone devices had to adhere to a strict set of requirements set out by Microsoft, but it appears that the Redmond company may have relaxed the rules just a tad, thus opening up the door to more manufacturers interested in getting in on Windows Phone.

According to the new list, optional hardware now includes the compass, gyroscope, a primary and front-facing camera. This new relax of the rules is evidenced in Nokia’s recently announced Lumia offerings, which lack a front-facing camera and in the HTC Radar which lacks a compass and gyroscope.

We know that ZTE is one of the manufacturers for Windows Phone, and they also happen to be a company that is known for their budget offerings. With the lax in hardware requirements, Windows Phone manufacturers such as ZTE will have an easier time putting out handsets that are cheaper to produce, thus translating into savings for consumers, which would ultimately encourage the adoption of Windows Phone. Will this strategy work out for Microsoft and Nokia with the Lumia 710? Only time will tell.

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