Motorola could win patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in GermanyIt appears that Motorola is challenging Apple’s iCloud in Germany, claiming that the Cupertino used patents in their iCloud technology that belonged to Motorola. Basically the patent covers email and data sync between Apple’s iCloud service and their mobile devices, such as the iPad and iPhone.

While no official ruling has been given, it appears that the judge presiding over the matter seems to be leaning towards Motorola, so much so that Apple’s confidence might have been shaken enough for them to request a $2.7 billion collateral. What this collateral does is that it will afford the defendant (Apple) compensation should an injunction be imposed and then overturned later. Basically it would cover whatever could have been potentially earned during the injunction until the time it has been overturned. The money would be returned to Motorola if Apple loses the appeal, although it has not gotten to that point yet.

The judge has questioned whether Apple would really incur a loss of $2.5 billion should their products be banned in Germany, and believes that there are alternate methods to offer cloud services without infringing upon Motorola’s patents. The trial is set for February of 2012.

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