MyFord Touch issues fixed with USB key solutionCars are getting smarter and smarter these days, and while the whole area of passive safety is being addressed with virtually new models each year, nothing still beats the driver being a responsible person whenever he/she is behind the wheel. Well, while plenty more software has been introduced into the world of smart cars, that will also translate to a potential downside – that is, vehicles might end up having corrupted software, or being hacked if it is connected online. Ford’s 2010 MyFord Touch touchscreen enhancement looked nice, but it proved to be rather hard to use. Nice to know that Ford has made a fix available to users which makes the entire interfacea whole lot cleaner, making sure the fonts are enlarged, while the maps screens have been improved to boot. This software patch will require you to plug in a 8GB USB key, and you will get the MyFord Touch 2.0 installed in your ride – a “performance upgrade”, so to speak – software-wise.

At least this is better than nothing, and it just goes to show that Ford does listen to their customers. For those of you who have had troubles with the MyFord Touch, how do you find the latest update? Does it make your life behind the wheel more bearable when you use the system?

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