So it’s your break time during office hours, and instead of heading to the break room and just lounging about, or gossiping by the water cooler, how about gathering around a huge tablet instead and playing a couple of games with your colleagues? While we’re sure that’s not what NEC had intended with the X-info table, it certainly has that potential.


NEC has recently announced the X-info table, which is more like a tablet than a table, although it’s a pretty huge one at that, putting it at 52”. The tablet will run on an Intel Core i7 processor with Windows 7 as its choice of platform. It will feature 6GB of memory and will come with a set of speakers, three USB ports, WiFi connectivity with sub display support (up to four screens at the same time), and will come with a scanning function as well.

Based on the photo above it seems to suggest that there will some sort of mirroring support for external displays, tablets and smartphones as well. NEC’s X-info table is expected to go on sale in Japan starting from February of 2012 with an “open price model”.

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