Nintendo Wii is tops for Americas youth Just what video game console do you think ranks highest among the youth in the US? Well, the answer is definitely not the PS3 or the Xbox 360, but it is Nintendo’s Wii instead. Yes sir, according to the 2012 Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend study by Harris interactive, the Nintendo Wii reigns supreme among the youth in the US, and of course it would be unfair to withold the age group in this study. We’re talking about a rather broad 8 to 24 years, and I suppose that most of the kids who are not working don’t have much of a say in it since their parents will be the ones forking out the dough for the Wii.

This also means the Nintendo Wii has surpasseed Sony’s Playstation 3 to become the Video Gaming Platform Brand of the Year, where incidentally the Wii also picked up the overall highest equity score among all technology brands included in the study, where among them include HP, HTC, and Motorola. Do you think that if other firms were to hold a similar study, they would come up with a different set of statistics? [Press Release]

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