If you were disappointed by Nintendo’s announcement that the Wii U would only be able to work one system at a time, things could be looking up for you and it might change before the Wii U officially goes on sale which is expected some time in 2012. According to a developer, it seems that discovered in the code for the Wii U is support for dual touchscreen control support.

As fun as the Wii U could potentially be, support for at least two of the tablet-like controller would definitely make it a more attractive option, especially for those who play multiplayer co-op games with their friends on the same console, as opposed to playing it online over the internet.

The reason behind the limit to one Wii U per console was due to technical limitations, and also cost barriers as suggested by Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, but it seems that overwhelming demand and positive feedback has led to Nintendo reconsidering the possibility of two Wii Us operating on a single console. What do you guys think? Is the Nintendo Wii U looking more like an attractive purchase now?

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