Nissan quick charger costs under $10,000While many of us think that electric vehicles are the future, there is still this particular niggling issue of charging up your vehicle to make sure you have enough “fuel” to get to work the next morning. Most electric vehicles these days will be equipped with a home charging cord, while additional stations for 120v or 240v connections are relatively inexpensive. The better or higher level models will burn a huge hole in your pocket though – for example, “Level 3″ quick charging stations could cost from $20,000 upwards. Nissan might want to change things around with by lowering the price of its previous quick charge unit for the Nissan Leaf by half – while the size will go through an engineering exercise to be physically smaller as well, freeing up more space in your garage while making installation a cinch.

The best part would be Nissan pricing their upcoming quick charger at just $9,900 a pop, and for folks living in the US and have a Nissan LEAF in their garage, you might want to consider placing your pre-order next January, where delivery of this spanking new quick charger is tipped to happen in spring next year. Would cheaper and more efficient charging stations nudge you towards purchasing an electric car?

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