ClearBlack DisplayIf you’ve been keeping tabs on Nokia’s latest phones, you would notice that a number of them feature a ClearBlack Display. It is present in the Nokia E7 and C6-01 and even the company’s upcoming Windows Phones – Lumia 710 and 800. And if you’ve ever wondered about what the big deal is with ClearBlack Displays, you’re in luck. Today on the official Nokia blog, they posted a short introduction to ClearBlack Displays.

ClearBlack Displays were designed to give extremely vibrant colors – blacker blacks and high contrast, without compromising battery life, especially when used in daylight outdoors. Sound familiar to you? While it’s not mentioned in the blog post, the ClearBlack Display is an AMOLED display with a polarized filter on top. The polarizer removes undesired reflections which increases visual contrast to provide vibrant colors and blacker blacks. This enables the ClearBlack Display to be usable in brightly lit conditions. Read up more about it at the source link. How important is the display to you when it comes to shopping for phones?

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