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Nokia Lumia 800 no longer has Dolby Digital Plus?

16 Nokia Lumia 800 DolbyWhen the Nokia Lumia 800 was first released and you pored over its official specs page and fell in love with the phone, take note that there have been some unannounced changes to the device. According to a sharp-eyed 1800pocketpc.com reader, the official specs page of the Nokia Lumia 800 has some noticeable omissions of features that were present before.

If you check out the page now, it no longer lists Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus as features under the Music and Audio section of the phone. Apparently this isn’t the first time that it’s happened, as two other features: USB Mass Storage and TV Out have been removed from the specs list as well. Strange – I wonder what features will be cut from the phone next?

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