I guess that a telepathy phone is as close as it can get to being a telepath like Professor X, although you will still need to rely on hardware to get your message across instead of directly accessing the mind of another person and reading his or her thoughts, while communicating without having to move your lips – but rather, send messages through your brain to another. Scientists over at the Nokia Research Center are working on the next generation handset which could very well run on telepathic power – imagine the phone being used as a virtual medic, helping you through a particularly tricky health decision when the situation calls for it.

Dr Leo Kärkkäinen from Media Technologies Laboratory says “We have to deliver the magic. We have to look at what is impossible now and what can we make possible.” I am quite sure that some elements of the Mindflex Duel game would definitely be incorporated into this future telepathic phone, and the kind of battery power required to run it might be far different from what we are using today. Heck, even the user interface would be drastically different, I believe, making me peer into my crystal ball with unbridled enthusiasm.

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