Nokias future includes high end Windows 8 devicesNokia certainly has every intention to be successful and climb back from the long slide due to their eroding market share with the advancement of smartphones from competitors such as Apple and Google, and their first step to redemption came in the form of the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 which was recently released at Nokia World 2011 last month. Well, while the current range of Windows Phone 7 devices from the Finnish phone manufacturer is not even available in every nook and cranny of the world yet, there are already rumors floating around, touting that next generation devices are in the pipeline – and high end models to boot, powered by the Windows 8 operating system.

In a recent interview with French newspaper Les Echos, Nokia France’s head mentioned that the current Lumia 800 is the equivalent of Nokia’s BMW 5 series, and as everyone knows, the line is sandwiched between the 3 Series and the 7 Series. For argument’s sake, let us leave out the tin can 1 Series out of the equation, and the defunct but lovely 8 Series sports car. While the 3 Series would most probably mean the Lumia 710, what about the 7 Series? That could very well be the Windows 8-powered device, don’t you think so?

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