Quad-SLI will be the absolute pixel-cruncher

NVIDIA is taking advantage of the new Intel X79 chipset to provide what the company calls a “significantly” faster SLI* experience. With X79, 3-way SLI is up to 29% faster (according to NVIDIA) but gamers who can afford it can now get a quad-SLI setup which represents the most powerful NVIDIA-based GPU configuration.Admittedly, quad SLI is bad-ass and from what we can tell, NVIDIA is particularly excited  by the success of BattleField 3, one of the best-looking game of the year, and the current poster child for PC gaming. While no performance numbers have been published about 4-Way SLI and BattleField  3, the official figures from NVIDIA show a 2.5X performance boost, when compared to a 1-GPU configuration.

All major SLI licensees (pretty much all the major motherboard makers) will be able to support this. Note that 4-Way SLI means that only 4 GPUs are supported. Adding 4 dual-GPU cards will not make this a n 8-GPUs platform. NVIDIA has confirmed this to us.

*SLI stands for Scalable Link Interface and refers to the ability to use multiple graphics processors (GPU) simultaneously. X79 is an Intel chipset which is the interface between the main processor (CPU) and peripherals.

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