Opena iPhone 4 case pops open bottle after bottleZombies need to feed on warm flesh, and this basic instinct has been depicted in horror movies for the longest time already, although the zombies have grown faster and stronger over the years instead of being the slow-moving undead that was originally shown on the silver screen. As for those in a fraternity on campus, there is also another basic need to attend to – that is, the call of alcohol during parties. You know the old saying, if you want something done, then you’ve got to do it yourself? The same applies here – not everyone is going to have a bottle opener, so why take the chance and carry one with you always in the form of the Opena iPhone 4 case?

This stylish iPhone 4 case sports a slide out bottle opener, where it is also constructed out of polycarbonate to make it durable. It will play nice with all iPhone 4 models, letting you bust open one bottle after another at the next party or BBQ you attend. Retailing for $39.95 a pop, it comes with a 1-year warranty to boot. Doesn’t turn your iPhone 4 waterproof though, so be extra careful at those poolside parties.

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