Otterbox iProtection delivers safety for your iPhone 4S

OK, so we do know that the iPhone 4S is not exactly the toughest smartphone out there as evident by the drop test that we saw it go through with the Galaxy S2, so that can only mean one thing – you would do well to make sure your new iPhone 4S gets the best protection possible at all times. Such a situation would require a trusted name like Otterbox, where their latest effort would be aptly known as the Otterbox iProtection that comprises of four series of custom cases for any Apple fan.

There is the OtterBox Defender Series that is the self-proclaimed “ultimate bodyguard” for the iPhone 4S,comprising of a multi-layered case that has a built-in screen shield, sturdy polycarbonate shell and robust silicone outer layer. Not only that, you can choose from a variety of colors as variety has long been deemed to be the spice of life.

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As for the Reflex Series, this case is a slim-fitting single layer of polycarbonate and rubber, making it a snap to install (and of course, uninstall) for quick docking. Reflex Zones are strategically located in the corners to absorb impact when dropped. A self-adhering screen protector adds to its reliability to prevent scratching.

As for the OtterBox Commuter Series, this pocket protector for the iPhone 4S will feature a slick exterior that slides in and out of a pocket, purse or bag in a jiffy, while the silicone and polycarbonate combination delivers both strength and style.

Last but not least is the Impact Series that offers additional fortification against potential scuffs and scratches. Just like all the other OtterBox lines, the Impact Series will come with a self-adhering screen protector. [Press Release]

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Key SpecsiPhone 4s
Display Diagonal3.5"
Processor/Soc NameA5, 2-core, 1 GHz
Street Price (Approx)~ $195
Search low iPhone 4s price (Amazon)
Max. Total Storage Capacity64 GB
Megapixels8 MP
Battery Capacity (mAh)1432 mAh
Complete product dataApple iPhone 4s Full specs and details

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