PayPal gets Facebook appHmmm, we all know that there are plenty of casual games over at Facebook, and while some of these are free to play, others take on a “freemium” role – where purchasing in-game items will require transactions of real world cash. Why not use PayPal then, as a platform to get that money transferred? I guess this is also part of the reason why PayPal has just launched a peer-to-peer payment Facebook app.

Apart from sending money, greetings too, can be sent online. This time around, while you send over some dough to your kid in college who is living halfway across the country as part of his/her Christmas bonus, why not include a digital greeting card as well? At least it helps you save on postage, not to mention it will warm up the heart during this cold, wintery holiday season. Hopefully it is secure enough to work daily without being broken into, although I do think it is a matter of time before a case of fraud or hacking occurs.

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