PayPal for Android supports NFC nowNFC – or Near Field Communications if you prefer to mention everything by name, does hold plenty of promise in the world of mobile devices, but it remains to be seen just which company is able to harness the power of NFC to make it a “must have” piece of technology. Arriving on the scene in the US in a mainstream manner via Samsung’s Nexus S from Google, it made early adopters happy, although I am quite sure that all that amount of happiness has since petered out. It is in fact, close to a year since the smartphone with NFC capability was released, but Google and other high-profile developers are just finally starting to deliver the goods where NFC is concerned.

Right now over at the Android Market, the official PayPal app has received an update which comprises of a bunch of user interface changes, support for tablet use as well as NFC compatibility. This particular widget will enable you to make money requests and transfer over a couple of devices using nothing but NFC. Needless to say, for this to happen, both of the devices will require to sport NFC capability on-board, but they need not be the Nexus S. Enter the amount of money you’d like to transfer, tap two devices together, and voila! – the transaction’s done.

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